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Volunteer Recognition Round

Volunteers are critical to the health and sustainability of country football. Kick off the start of National Volunteers week with a round where we recognise all those at League and Club level who volunteer to keep grass roots sports going. This is done on a voluntary basis and should be seen as a great opportunity to not only recognise volunteers but potentially recruit a few more for the season.

Participation in this round is voluntary for CFWA Leagues and Clubs

Our major objectives for running this round are:-

  • To acknowledge volunteers.
  • Give the community an awareness of the importance of volunteers in their roles to maintain country football.
  • Create potential for new volunteers to assist your leagues and clubs and to ensure existing volunteers don’t get burnt out.

League Expectations

  • Naming rights of the round (i.e. Volunteers Recognition Round) including promotion through local media channels.
  • Budget advertising where possible (content provided by the CFWA prior to the event).
  • Discuss Volunteer numbers at a committee meeting and refer to strategies clubs can implement to improve in this area. The Swiss Quality Club Program has some useful information on Volunteer Programs as does the AFLcommunityclub website.

Club Expectations

  • Acknowledgement of Club Volunteers at after match awards and encourage players to particularly recognise volunteers over the weekend.
  • Make all members aware of nomination processes and encourage them to nominate worthy volunteers.

More information about National Volunteer Week can be found Here. 


The date for Volunteer Recognition Round is yet to be decided for 2024. 

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