Country Football WA Rebrands Thu, September 28, 2023 - 7:39 AM

The West Australian Country Football League (WACFL) is thrilled to announce its rebranding as Country Football WA, as it proudly marks 50 years of dedication to the sport.  

This exciting transformation signals a fresh chapter in the legacy of country football in Western Australia.  

With a newly elected Board comprising of representatives from both junior and senior leagues as well as broader regional communities, this rebrand signifies an unwavering commitment to fostering the growth and prosperity of football across regional WA. 

The unveiling of this new identity is a testament to the league's deep commitment to the essence of country football.  

The new tagline, ‘Thriving Through Football’, serves as a powerful beacon that spotlights the unsung heroes who keep the wheels of country football turning - the volunteers, supporters, players, and the very communities that the sport brings together. 

Tom Bottrell, West Australian Football Commission Executive Manager Country Football, Affiliates & Facilities said: "The presence of football can have an overwhelmingly positive impact on local communities." 

The re-brand of Country Football is not just a name change but a declaration of purpose, vision and commitment.  

“The league will continue to work in close collaboration with league and club administrators to reinforce the foundations of the game,” Bottrell said.  

“This includes continued support for volunteers, aligning the football pathways and programs for our men’s and women’s competitions, and continuing to drive initiatives to raise awareness about mental health education within the country football community.” 

In commemorating 50 years of dedication to the sport, Country Football WA is committed to strengthening football in regional WA. 

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